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Over 50% of companies sued by patent trolls make less than $10 million in annual revenue.

LOT Network is a non-profit community of businesses committed to stopping patent troll lawsuits. Members get access to free resources to help you file a patent, register a trademark, or plan your IP strategy.

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LOT (License on Transfer) Network  is a non-profit community of companies committed to protecting themselves long-term against patent trolls and their patent lawsuits. LOT Network members partner with other like-minded companies who believe good corporate citizens don’t monetize patents through patent trolls.


Patent Trolls by the Numbers

Patent Trolls don’t use their patents to create products or build businesses. Most exist only as a means to drive revenue through litigation.

1 %

84 % of all patent lawsuits are filed by patent trolls

0 %

< 1% of patent troll lawsuits are found to have infringed a valid patent

1 M

The average cost of defending a patent troll lawsuit

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