Support for training, mental health, and overall well-being

With the sudden shift to remote work, we’ve heard questions about how to lead in this new environment – not just to maintain high performance, but also to ensure that our people’s psychological needs are supported given the anxiety and fear in the world around us. We’ve put together several resources for executives and people leaders and we are giving it to the community for free. Please join us.

Workshop: Managing Remote Teams

This experiential 90 minute workshop focuses on how to lead a team of remote employees effectively. We'll explore key strategies to maintain high-trust in your relationships, foster clear team communication, and keep your remote employees spirits high. You will leave the workshop with a powerful framework and set of best practices for managing remote employees during these challenging times.

Training: Leading Through Difficult Times

In this workshop leaders explore what happens neurologically when we experience change, and learn powerful strategies to cultivate feelings of resilience and trust amidst turbulence. Learners explore their strengths and areas for growth as change agents and consider mindsets and beliefs that impact their ability to lead during challenging times.