1772 Titus Street

Welcome to Mission Hills, San Diego

Enjoy your visit

We’re so glad you’ve decided to you join us. We put together this short guide to help you get the most out of your stay.


1772 Titus Street is in Mission Hills and a short walk to Old Town, Downtown and Hillcrest. There is also the Washington Street trolley stop located a few blocks away to get you anywhere in San Diego.


Some of our favorite places to eat include the eclectic taco shop Lucha Libre, and Blue Water Seafood Market where you can get fresh fish tacos.

Love beer? You can walk to Latchkey Brewing and Thorn Street. If dive bars are your thing, don’t miss the Regal Beagle or Aero Club.

Make sure to call ahead to check opening hours as businesses hours have changed due to the pandemic.


There’s lots of places to run in San Diego – including a nearĀ  half-marathon loop around Mission Bay.

Inside the apartment, take advantage of the rowing machine. If you have a tablet or bluetooth enabled device, you can use iFit for an interactive workout that adjusts resistance in your workout dynamically. You can get a free trial to iFit at ifit.com/activate.


What is this the 90’s? Sort of.

Our retro-gaming collection includes an Xbox 360 and an emulator that plays literally thousands of games. Choose the right input from the TV menu and game away.


Connect to our wifi network and stream your music to the speaker in the bedroom or use the Bluetooth soundbar under the TV.


Email us or give us a call if you need anything.

Enjoy your stay!